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On Demand Workshops


On Demand Workshops

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Whole Life Solutions, the coaching and consulting group creating order inside and out, now offers fully customizable, on-demand workshops. We offer concrete tips, solutions, advice, and personalized guidance on the topics we have found to be the most challenging to our clients. We give you resources that can last you a lifetime-- all in just one hour. You choose the location, the day, the time, and the topic. Bring a friend, and receive a $50 discount EACH! Scroll down for all the details.

Low, one-time cost each, or bring a friend and take $50 each!

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  • Time Management-- Do you find yourself overwhelmed every day by everything that needs to be done? Do you find that sometimes even days when 'nothing' gets done, you are worn out? Learn to master an efficient schedule that allows you to effectively balance work, self, social, home, relationships, and more, all while conquering feelings of overwhelm and distraction.
  • Strategizing for flow, efficiency, and organization-- Is your home your dream space? Did you think it would be, but now wonder why it doesn't feel like a welcoming haven? Learn how to tackle the root of the problem and make your space an oasis.
  • Relationships and Communication (Dawn)-  Are you in a loving relationship but you seem to struggle in certain areas again and again? Do you feel like your partner just doesn't hear you, or assumes the worst of you? Dawn has tactics for listening more deeply, for being heard, and for dealing effectively with long-standing stress or tension.

  • Attention, focus, and goal-setting (Dawn)- Do you find yourself easily distracted? Constantly wondering why your goals seem out of reach? There are tangible ways to set concrete goals -- and achieve them in a simple and manageable way- even if you have tried again and again. 

  • Decision-making (Dawn)- Find yourself often wondering what is the 'right' choice? Do you find yourself stuck in analysis-paralysis and indecision? Do you wonder why you end up in certain situations again and again that aren't a good fit? Dawn has clear and simple tips for knowing what is the best choice for you- to enable you to make decisions large and small with ease.

  • Finding and living your true purpose (Dawn)- Identifying what will bring your fulfillment and enable you to live a purposeful life is a process -- it's never too early or too late to connect with your ultimate purpose in this lifetime and Dawn can help you tune in and explore to identify your path.

  • Managing clutter (David)- Do you have moments when your mind is so full that you are yearning for peace and calm, only to find your home or office inundated with clutter? David works with you to get to the root of cluttering and develop a simple and effective system to manage your clutter- once and for all.

For further details, reach Dawn or David directly at 877-661-2358.

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