Whole Life Solutions

Creating Order Inside and Out

A holistic approach, through private and group coaching, workshops, and motivational talks, on living your most epic life with less chaos, more balance, and greater purpose.




The 20 Minute Promise is for you if:

-       You’re agonizing about a major life decision

-       You don’t know if you can trust yourself to make the “right” choice

-       You’ve started making changes towards a happier, healthier life, then fell back on old habits

-       You second guess your choices

-       You feel like others ‘make it look easy’

Are you ready to make the biggest transition of your life?

Learn how to:

-       Use procrastination to your advantage

-       Get the information you need quickly and effectively

-       Restructure your day for greater productivity and more time

-       Quickly tune in to the “right” yes or no for you

-       Recognize who to turn to for input and advice

-       Develop a strategy to get out of the limbo 

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