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A holistic approach, through private and group coaching, workshops, and motivational talks, on living your most epic life with less chaos, more balance, and greater purpose.





I am passionate about speaking. Really passionate. When I realized, a few years ago, that for the first time in my life, I was waking up every day loving what I do, doing meaningful work, and that I was damn good at it, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I had never had that before.  Sure, maybe one out of three-- sometimes even two-- but never that full alignment. And, at the same time that I was having this revelation, I was hearing from so many of you who were not feeling that way. Overwhelmed, stifled, out of balance, running too fast to even slow down enough to envision a different way. Powerful, beautiful individuals just struggling to make it through. My goal became to support you , those of you whose lives feel complicated and overly full, in small, tangible, concrete, scientifically-proven, REAL ways, to connect with your core, get back to what matters, remember how to live in your wheelhouse, and to build a life of efficiency, peace, clarity, and fulfillment. 

I still want to shout it from the rooftops. But I do board rooms, conferences, and auditoriums too.  


Topics include:

Radical Balance: As those of us in service-oriented industries know, it can be a challenge to put in the hours, commitment, and drive necessary to excel in our positions, and still have the well-being and fuel we need to take care of ourselves and those we love. Receive simple, practical tips for finding that elusive, essential balance to shine personally and professionally. 

Your Missing Peace: If you're tired almost all the time, and feel like you're constantly struggling to find what happened to calm and purpose in your life, and if you're longing to find an extra hour in your day, let's talk. Simple (but not Easy!), shifts in your every day life can astound you with the profound difference they can make in creating a real new normal of greater peace and efficiency.

Master the Chaos: Do you sometimes feel  so overwhelmed that, while you know a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose are out there, you have no idea how to get there? Or do you love what you do, but sometimes feel like it’s all too much? How can you reconnect with that spark that fuels you while efficiently balancing all that needs to happen each day? Learn practical tools for navigating turmoil, prioritizing effectively, getting off the hamster wheel, and getting back to what you love.

How to Move a Mountain: Learn how to create monumental, phenomenal shifts in your life, in incremental, concrete, manageable, and lasting ways.

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