Whole Life Solutions

Creating Order Inside and Out

A holistic approach, through private and group coaching, workshops, and motivational talks, on living your most epic life with less chaos, more balance, and greater purpose.





Coaching for Professionals at a Crossroads: 

This coaching is specifically for professionals at a turning point. If you're feeling overwhelmed with choices and options, or if you're feeling relatively successful but that there's something deeper and more fulfilling out there for you, this is for you. Dawn specializes in asking questions and creating some space and direction in order to, together, develop goals, develop clarity on the client's greater purpose and deeper fulfillment, and assist with time management, accountability, and living in alignment. 

Investment: $249 for initial 90 minute in-person intensive strategy mapping session.  Sign up HERE. At this session, we will explore together your coaching options, which include strategic group coaching, or personalized one-on-one sessions. 

Initial Consultation:  A fifteen minute complimentary phone consultation is available for anyone interested in Dawn's services, so you can decide together whether this coaching presents the best fit for your needs. 


Motivational Speaking

Dawn offers motivational talks to assist companies, groups, and entrepreneurs in getting off the hamster wheel, conquering overwhelm, creating greater efficiency, and finding or reconnecting with their spark.  Please set up a time for us to chat so we can discuss rates, availability, and your unique needs.


Tangible tips for Time Management: based largely on Steven Covey’s methods (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), this workshop will teach you a system for prioritizing your tasks and a model for creating an efficient and organized daily schedule.   25 min. $55, or $20 per person for groups of four or more.

Developing a Simple Daily Spiritual Practice: set your intention, develop mindfulness and focus, feel more centered and grounded, and learn to connect more deeply with spirit and your higher self--all through a simple, manageable daily ritual. 25 min. $75, or $39 per person for groups of four or more.

Communication for Couples:  (open to ANY couples in loving partnership) Specific strategies for staying present and open to your partner, even when challenges arise. Techniques for cooling off, tuning in, and helping you prioritize each other. 60 minutes, $125 per couple, or $85 per couple for groups of four or more)


Organizing Solutions

Efficiency Consulting: If you're feeling cluttered and overwhelmed in your home or office space, and unsure where to start, David's services are for you. He brings compassion and a strong sense of space and order to your unique situation and assists you in developing organizational solutions that can last a lifetime. $125/hr.

Single Space Efficiency, Flow, and Organization: You pinpoint the most challenging space in your home or office, and David will tackle it. Not only will he clear clutter and create order and efficiency, but he will pass on simple strategies for maintaining your space in this tranquil and productive state. 2 hours/max. $250.

Strategic Thought and Planning for Your Personal Life: Learn tips for maintaining an efficient and organized lifestyle. 90 min workshop. $199. $99 each for groups of four or more. 


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