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The IDEAL Conference
to Apr 4

The IDEAL Conference

The IDEAL Conference welcomes people from organizations – public or private, large or small – committed to developing innovative ideas and sustaining impactful results! 

Specific Date and Time for Dawn Camacho’s session will be available in March 2019.

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Hello, Disaster.  SEMINAR $85
2:00 PM14:00

Hello, Disaster. SEMINAR $85

Offered at La Maida Institute
North Hollywood, CA

We tend to be really good at beginnings. Engagements, new relationships, weddings, baby blessings... we love those—the emotions, the excitement, the coming together. But endings? The moments when you feel the ground has fallen out from beneath you? When you feel alone in navigating the turmoil and chaos? We are pretty terrible at them.

This workshop is offered at La Maida as part of their programs for the public as well as health professionals, relying on the greatest resource we have — each other. Our programs are an equal combination of internally-created and co-created experiences with individuals and organizations that share our values and mission in promoting self-reliance and health .

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