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A holistic approach, through private and group coaching, workshops, and motivational talks, on living your most epic life with less chaos, more balance, and greater purpose.





Our society continues to perpetuate a bit of a mixed message — on the one hand, America as the land of opportunity- the country where anyone can do anything. On the other hand, a more traditional mentality still exists for individuals to be implored to go to a ‘good’ school, get a ‘good’ job, earn good benefits and pay, and if you like your job, more power to you. I believe the scales are shifting in favor of individuals recognizing that one can pursue a unique passion and make a successful living while being purposeful and giving back– but often individuals feel paralyzed with possibility and indecision. 



Coaching for Professionals at a Crossroads: 

This coaching is specifically for professionals at a turning point. If you're feeling overwhelmed with choices and options, or if you're feeling relatively successful but that there's something deeper and more fulfilling out there for you, this is for you. Dawn specializes in the areas of decision-making and navigating chaos, and assists you to develop a unique, personal road map for change, with specific guidance in time management, structure, and accountability.

Investment: $195 for initial 90 minute in-person intensive strategy mapping session.  Sign up HERE. At this session, we will explore together your coaching options, which include strategic group coaching, or personalized one-on-one sessions. 

Initial Consultation:  A twenty minute complimentary phone consultation is available for anyone interested in Dawn's services, so you can decide together whether this coaching presents the best fit for your needs. 


Signature Four-Month Whole Life Plan: This plan, exclusive to WLS, affords most clients the most cost-effective, and efficient solution to creating lasting, productive, tangible results. If you find yourself wondering if you’re living your purpose, but unsure how to get there without wreaking havoc, this is for you. We work on breaking old patterns, shifting the status quo, and transitioning into a more purposeful, balanced, and fulfilling life in all major areas- with career as our center-point. We spend the first 30 days experimenting and developing your long-term and short-term (90 day) game plan, and create together your unique, personalized three-month strategy, then lock into it. Plan to emerge out of the status quo with a ‘new normal’ at the end. Investment: $1395  (or 3 installments of $490)


-        Targeted Private Sessions with Dawn (6 hours)

-        Curated Growth Component. After working together for several weeks, Dawn will make a recommendation between one of the following:

o   4 theme-based sessions of accountability and support with a small group

o   A full afternoon small-group visioning workshop (may be online or virtual)

o   Two 90-minute working sessions, where Dawn will personally assist you in developing and/or editing a resume, cover letter, business plan, or similar.

-        PLUS: a 30 min. post-plan Booster Call.


Motivational Speaking

Dawn offers motivational talks to assist companies, groups, and entrepreneurs in getting off the hamster wheel, conquering overwhelm, creating greater efficiency, and finding or reconnecting with their spark.  Please set up a time for us to chat so we can discuss rates, availability, and your unique needs.

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